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Baby Cat Squad is a collection of 10,000 NFTs registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Acquiring a Baby Cat means supporting a project that seeks to create an animal foundation and in the long term provide great benefits to holders according to the potential of this project. We seek to be the best in the sector and make great works with the sales we achieve, so that in this way the collection has its value backed by the results of what it wants to achieve. Stay with us and discover more of this project. You can also interact in our social media, sharing with other people who's interested in this collection too. Baby Cat Squad is waiting for you!


This collection was created thanks to our cat named Kylo, a cat we rescued from the street when he was like a month of life, he was very scared. We gave him a home and wondered what would've happened to him if we just left him alone. In this way, you will be able to realize that the model of the collection is inspired by Kylo. I took a picture of him and one day I decided to draw him on the computer to spend the time, but besides that I started drawing clothes, hair and made various combinations with him. He looked quite funny and cute at the same time and I wondered if he could do something else with it.


Price and date will be announced over time as we are working to create a great community because this project is focused on the very long term and is not just about an art collection. In the meantime, we invite you to be a part of it and share with others who love the NFT space or cats. Or maybe both!

Forty one Baby Cats have been reserved for giveaways and rewards for the members, creators and collaborators.

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This collection was randomly generated mixing different layers. Among those layers we can find: 21 on Background, 57 on Clothing, 14 on Eye Accessories, 50 on Eyes, 61 on Fur, 60 on Headgear, 27 on Legs, 21 on Mouth. Over time you'll realize that some attributes are more special than others. But you're likely to love even the most common cat because they're all very cute.

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Cover expenses and improve our media. Holders begin to participate in giveaways.

We buy a land for the construction of the establishment.

Construction of the building where the Baby Cat Squad foundation will be arisen.

Launching a clothing line, collectible items and more. YouTube Channel opening.

We sponsor a great animal event promoting our community and the collection.

Holders receive exclusive merchandise from the collection and other benefits.

BCS gets into the virtual world

Some coins have been found in the Happiness Box and will be raffled.

We keep expanding Baby Cat Squad in the market.

The fulfillment of these points will depend on the development of sales of the collection. Each point may also be given sooner or later depending on the market (purchasing power and real-time costs of each thing), but we hope and will do our best to comply with each one of them with punctuality and transparency. Over time new things may be added to the project.


The main objective of this project is to create an animal foundation to provide a home and welfare to each of these little friends. We seek to reinvest most of the profits in this. We want to have our value supported by actions and results over time. The reason for this initiative is that we are willing to provide the best possible quality in this sector. In the long term surpass other organizations in terms of efficiency and prestige with the support of this entire community that we build day by day. In addition, we believe that while there are more establishments that deal with animal care, there will be greater efficiency and quality, but above all, greater opportunities for these innocent beings to have a dignified life. At first we will rescue cats since this collection is based on Kylo and our resourcers will be limited in the short term. In the future we want to provide this service to all abandoned animals as resources increase and we can cover all the expenses. Join discord for more information about this.


The main benefit for each one of you, and the greatest, will be knowing that you are contributing to a project that seeks animal welfare, for not seeing them on the street going hungry, cold or suffering in some way.
The value of the collection, will have its value supported by the foundation we want to create, we do not promise virtual things as many collections do and that's why we clarify it, with this project the creation of an organization in the real world mainly. We will enter the virtual world as soon as we have sold 70% of the collection.
Another of the benefits that the holders will have, will be to receive exclusive merchandise from the collection from time to time and among many more giveaways with great prizes. This is just the beginning, over time new ideas will come up and we will announce them through our networks.
If you support this project, it's because you support the creation of an organization that seeks animal welfare, but that will stand out in the market and provide the best services. Well, we want to have a good reputation, so the collection will have its value according to the results.


Proceeds are intended to be used for the creation of this foundation, as well as for its financing in the short and medium term. In the long term, we will look to partner with other like-minded organizations (such as animal products) and seek donations that are interested in animal welfare. We will also seek to finance ourselves with the veterinary services that we provide, the sale of articles and among others that will be announced over time. Apart from that, we intend to partner with animal products brands, sponsor events and promote our brand with items that people can physically acquire and feel part of the Baby Cat Squad.

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I'm Johncidel. I created this collection and everything needed to make it public and announce this initiative. Also, I was who rescued Kylo and the next day decided to draw him on the computer, and that's how Baby Cat Squad was born. In the future you're very likely to see more names in this Website because I plan to associate with more people and find support since this project now has a base and it's ready to continue growing further.